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According to Department of Industry and Trade, shipbuilding covers the following activities.

  • New ship construction of all types and sizes made of steel, wood, fible glass and other metal or material.
  • Maintenance, repair, conversion and recondition of ships
  • Fabrication of offshore structures
  • Manufacturing, assembling of marine machineries, equipment and components
  • Shipbreaking
  • Marine design, engineering, survey, inspection and consultancy services


Facilities and Capabilities


Shipbuilding and Shiprepair

  • Number of companies registered by The Department of Industry & Trade : 240 (including 5 state companies & 22 companies on Batam/Karimun islands)
  • Newbuilding bearth : 153 units
  • Largest capacity newbuilding berth : 50.000 dwt
  • Newbuilding, annual capacity : 180.000 gt
  • Graving dock, floating dock, slipway : 208 units
  • Largest dock capacity : 65.000 dwt
  • Docking, annual capacity : 3.600.000 gt

Since the start of First Five Year Development Plan (FYDP I) in 1969, Indonesian shipbuilding industry had built hundreds of ships of vavious types and sizes. Warth to be mentioned are the following types and sizes of ships :

  • Passenger & Trailer Ro-ro Ferry Boat 18.900 GT (export)
  • 90 m/500 Pax/4000 GT Pure Passenger Ship (3 units)
  • Passenger & Car Ro-ro Ferry Boat 5.000 GT
  • General Cargo Ship/Semi-container 3.650 DWT (32 units)
  • Container Carrier 208 TEU/4.200 DWT (out of 24 units, 9 units delivered)
  • Container Carrier 400 TEU
  • Container Carrier 1.600 TEU
  • Log Carrier 8.000 DWT (3 units)
  • Bulk Carrier 42.000 DWT (export)
  • White/Block Oil Tanker 1.500 DWT/3.500 DWT/6.500 DWT/17.500 DWT
  • Chemical Tanker 16.000 DWT (export)
  • LPG Carrier 5.600 m3 (export)
  • Firefighting Tugboat 4.500 HP
  • SAR Tugboat 7.500 HP (under construction)
  • Tuna Longliner 300 GT (out of 33 units, 9 units delivered)
  • Fast Patrol Boat 400 T/57 m/6.000 HP/30 knots (9 units)
  • Fast Patrol Boat 60 T/28/3.600 HP/28 knots (12 units)
  • Floating Dock 2.500 Tlc (3 units)


Offshore Structure Fabrication

Since 1970, the Indonesian marine offshore structure fabrication industry had been developed to support the rapid expanding oil & gas industry, especially in offshore exploration, exploitation and production activities.

The range of products include jackets, platforms, accommodation modules, single point mooring buoys, crane barges, oil/gas process equipment (separators, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, well manifolds etc). Many of those products were exported.

There are now 19 Companies registered by the Department of Industry & Trade with location on Java, Sumatra Batam, Sulawesi and East Kalimantan.

Total annual capacity : 35.000 T steel.

Ship Material, Machinery and Equipment

As more and more ships were built at domestic shipyards, favourable condition exists for investment to manufacture shipbuilding material, machineries and equipment.

Many new factories were established beside existing metal, machinery and electrical/ electronic equipment factories which diversified their products into the marine field. Theor existence was boosted by the construction of standardized vessels like :

  • The Caraka Jaya domestic fleet modernization program
  • (56 cargo/semicontainer ships of 3.000 DWT-3.650 DWT-4.200 DWT)
  • The domestic tanker fleet replacement program
  • (25 tankers of 1.5000 DWT-3.500 DWT-6.500 DWT-17.500 DWT)
  • The expansion of domestic fleet of passenger-car ro-ro ferry boats
  • (40 ships of 200 GT-600 GT)
  • The Navy fast patrol boat building program
  • (9 units of 57 m/400 T/6.000 HP/30 knots FPB)
  • The Custom/Marine Pilice patrol boat building program
  • (15 units of 28 m/60 T/2.440 HP/30 knots FPB)
  • The harbour tug boat building program
  • (tug boats of 800 HP, 1.600 HP, 2.400 HP/3600 HP, 4.200 HP)

Ships material, machineries & equipment which had been manufactured locally are a.o.:

  • steel plate, steel profile, welding electrode
  • diesel main/auxiliary engine, shaft, sterntube, propeller
  • generator, motor, pump, main switchboard, panel, marine cable.
  • oil separator, heat excharger, pressure vessel
  • deck machinery, cargo handling gear, hatch cover, steering gear
  • ventilating fan, blower, steel door, alumunium Windows
  • bollard, anchor, chain, wire rope
  • life boat, life raft, davit, fire extinguisher
  • valve, pipe & fittings
  • forging and casting products, zinc/alumunium anode
  • refrigerating machine, galley equipment
  • paint


Marine Design, Engineering, Survey, Inspection & Consultancy Services

The demand for marine services in design, engineering, survey, inspection, supervision and consultancy grew with the development of the shipbuilding industry. Since 1960, companies in this field of activities began operating their services to serve the marine industry. At present, there are 7 competent companies in this marine service

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